Friday, 11 January 2013

So This is Scrapbooking: Paula

Back after a Christmas break - it's So This Is Scrapbooking day and we're reaching right across the world today to bring you a piece all the way from Argentina. I'm not sure now how I first met up with Paula; but when I discovered she was another scrapbooking librarian I knew we'd have plenty to chat about. She's an international scrapper with an interesting story!

Paula's Story

In May 2000 I visited an old school friend in the US who showed me her boy´s scrapbook. “I want to do something like that for my kids”, I said. Back home in Buenos Aires scrapbooking was unheard of, so I searched on line for “scrapbooking + message board”, closed my eyes and pointed at the screen. That´s how I got to choose my first cyberhome.  I started scrapbooking (the official version) on April 13th 2001 when I got my first “care package” from the US.  I was a scrapbooking Cinderella with many fairy godmothers.
Months went by, I flew 8279km from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to San Antonio, Texas (USA) to attend a CKU, met on line friends in person, kept scrapping, flew 9852km to Torrance, California (USA) for a crop with a bunch of cyberfriends, found UKScrappers in 2004, joined a team, changed teams,  got published (in the reader´s gallery of the greatly missed  Scrapbook Inspirations, UK), started my blog in September 2005 ( here), won a prize at a scrapbooking site, became team leader, made more friends, got interested in mixed media, kept scrapping, stopped scrapping, scrapbooked again, got some photography & collage published, met even more cool crafters ... and here I am!

Most people don´t notice where I live. A smile is the shortest distance between two people, and the Internet makes that possible even if the two people are on different sides of the continent or have an ocean in between them.  So, that´s what scrapbooking is for me.

Thanks for the chance to play along.
Thanks Paula! All that travelling? There's dedication for you. This is Scrapbooking.
Paula lives with her family in Buenos Aires and says she's  a  storyteller with a camera. She blogs regularly at Happysnappy - it's the place to go if you want to get organised!
I'll be back over the weekend with an experiment for you...can you make a page in twenty minutes? 


  1. Paula, you are so right about the ease of connecting with people around the world. I'm so glad scrapbooking "grabbed you." Thanks for sharing your story. I'll be checking out your blog, NOW!

  2. That's brilliant Paula, how great that your hobby helps you to travel :)

    Sian, i'm pretty sure I cannot make a page in twenty minutes, the last one for example started Sunday and is just finishing now! So I am intrigued, and look forward to it.

  3. Great story, love the dedication!

    I am ashamed to say that most of my layouts have been sat uncompleted for a while now. I think I may take up your challenge as I have just ordered some photos of the kids, so maybe I can get some quick scrapping done :)

    Hugs, E xx

  4. All that traveling! Wow! So now I'm wondering, has scrapbooking become known in Argentina???

  5. wow that is an amazing story. I really love that scrapbooking opens up so many doors, all that travel was amazing!

    Not sure I can make a page in 20 mins, I suspect 20 hours is more realistic for me lol!

  6. PS Sian would you still like me to do a so this is scrapbooking thingy?? Let me know and I will put together something xxx

  7. A dedicated srapbooker. interesting story.

  8. p.s No I can't do a layout in 20 mins!! :)

  9. A lovely post & I feel the same about how scrapbooking & the internet make the worl smaller & open up all sorts of connections with like minded souls!! for a page in you joking!! You know I'm the slowest scrapper on the planet!!! But I'll be intrigued to see your post all the same!! :D

  10. Oh how fun that you were able to find so many scrapping friends, I've travelled internationally to meet friends for the first time too :)

    Yes, I can make a page in 20 mins, well as long as the journaling is simple. Sometimes the journaling can take 20 mins...

  11. Paula, you make me feel bad for moaning that my bloggy friends are inconsiderate enough to live at opposite ends of the UK to me. :D Wow you are amazing!

    Loved reading your story!

  12. Thank you Sian for the chance to tell my story and thanks everyone for your lovely comments! I´ll be visiting you all soon. :D
    Cheri, there are two groups locally (about an hour drive which is better than 12 hours by plane ;) ) and one small scrapbooking store opened its doors last year. Hopefully it will grow in years to come. :)

  13. Great story, well done for travelling so far and making so many friends all over the world, I love how scrapbooking connects us all. x

  14. Great story Paula. Its amazing isn't it that we can "visit" scrapbooking friends all over the world so easily? Glad to hear you don't have to travel so far now to get together with other scrapbookers. I've just checked out your blog and have added it to my reader.

  15. I often complain that we no longer have any local scrapbooking stores, but I'll not be complaining any more. I love your style, and your story is so inspiring!


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